Challenges facing rural 16-18 year olds in accessing appropriate education and work based learning

This research looks at the challenges facing 16-18 year olds living in rural areas in accessing appropriate opportunities for education and work based learning. It also considers the possible implications of accessibility constraints on students’ attainment and on social mobility.

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State of Rural Services Report 2018

State of Rural Services 2018 report (published February 2019) presents the most recent evidence regarding the provision of services to residents and businesses in rural England.
It covers 8 service areas, which are: Local buses and community transport, Broadband and mobile connectivity, Public library services, Hospitals, Public health services, Young people’s services, Shops and online shopping and Personal advice services Read more

Issues Facing Providers of Social Care at Home to Older Residents in Rural England

In this research we examine the issues facing providers of domiciliary care to older people in rural areas. Whilst there has been a considerable amount of recent research about social care, specifically rural dimensions have generally been overlooked Read more