Marshwood Vale Community Broadband Project

Later in 2015 this project will begin rolling out superfast broadband to almost every household and business in a very rural part of Dorset. The approach taken in this case could be described as a community-led project, which can cite certain advantages and which tests one way of extending broadband to the final 5% of hard-to-reach communities. Make sure that you get the best priced broadband available for your area, the quickest and easiest way to do this is to compare broadband deals on usave Read more

‘Job Done!’

‘Job Done!’ is a project for unemployed people living in Wincanton and surrounding rural areas.
Based at the Balsam Centre in Wincanton, it offers opportunities to those facing barriers to finding work such as mental health or other health/disability related issues. By providing a friendly, supportive environment the project helps to break down isolation, encourages social networking, and thus helps people to build self-confidence and self-esteem.
Project members are then encouraged to develop their practical skills, for example in gardening, cookery, craft or countryside maintenance and are helped to find appropriate volunteering roles. In addition workshops assist with job seeking skills such as CV writing and interview techniques. Read more

Helping vulnerable residents stay warm

With high levels of fuel poverty and growing numbers of elderly residents, Ribble Valley Borough Council has been working with a group of partner organisations to offer some of its most vulnerable residents a pack which contains practical items that will help them to stay warm and comfortable. It believes that this, plus the provision of advice about energy efficiency, can make a real difference. Read more

Addressing fuel poverty on a budget

Malvern Hills District Council has established a highly cost-effective scheme which is making a rapid local impact, addressing fuel poverty among those of its residents who live in the most poorly insulated housing. By obtaining great value for money through its contracting and by partnering with a charity it has achieved this within a notably constrained budget.

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Fuel poverty: insulating solid wall homes

Fenland District Council, in partnership with King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council and a home improvement agency, has been managing an External Solid Wall Insulation pilot project for private sector housing. An objective was to see what efficiency savings could be achieved by procuring works on a relatively large scale, rather than for individual properties. From the outset it was designed so that lessons would be learnt about running such a project, so these could be shared with other authorities across the region. Read more