Our Mission

Our mission is to build the strength and resilience of rural England by helping to inform and engender better rural policy making.
We will do this by encouraging informed debate, providing independent research and evidence, supporting informed information exchange and building a network that draws together all those who seek to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of rural England

Report - Opportunities and challenges for rural communities from net zero carbon legislation

With the UK seeking to achieve net zero by 2050, this report (published June 2021) explores the rural dimension with a focus on energy production, transport and home heating. It recognises that, to succeed nationwide, policies will need to take account of rural characteristics.

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Rural Proofing for Health Toolkit

This toolkit (published December 2020) has been created to help those working locally in the health and care sector to design policies and services that meet the needs of their rural populations

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Thinking of commissioning some research?

Thinking of commissioning some research? With our proven track record of producing high-quality, independent rural research, Rural England Community Interest Company could provide the bespoke answer to your research needs. Our team of experienced consultants offer a wide range of expertise and, for larger projects, we are happy to work with external partners. Whatever your rural research plans, big or small, we will be pleased to discuss how we might assist. Please email Dr Jane Hart at research@ruralengland.org or phone us at 01822 851370

Rural Services Report 2018

The report (published February 2019) presents the most recent evidence regarding the provision of services to residents and businesses in rural England.

State of Rural Services Report

Unlocking the digital potential of rural areas – research

This research report (published March 2018) considers the current adoption of digital technologies by rural based businesses. It also explores the benefits that accrue, the constraints faced and the economic potential which would be released by tackling those constraints.

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A library of rural research

An area where rural research from a variety of universities, rural interest groups and other organisations can readily be accessed.

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