Rural England Supporter – Ecotricity


Ecotricity is Britain’s leading green energy company. Founded in 1995, we were the first company in Britain to offer a new kind of electricity – the green kind. Actually, we were the very first company in the world to do that.

We supply the greenest energy available in Britain, bar none – and we are the only energy company in Britain to offer green gas.

We give the best customer service in the industry: we’ve had the lowest number of complaints in the industry for the last six years according to data from Ofgem, the acid test of good customer service in our industry; and we’ve topped the Which? Best Energy Company survey for two out of the last three years.

We have an ethical pricing policy too: we have just one simple tariff and all of our customers, get our latest best price, no matter how they pay or when they joined us, with no exit fees or penalties.

Our model is unique. We take the green energy that we make ourselves and we supply it to our customers, nearly 180,000 of them.

Continual reinvestment in new green energy is at the heart of what we do. It’s what we call turning ‘bills into mills’: harnessing our customers’ energy bills to build new green energy mills.

The model works: for over a decade, it’s enabled us to spend more on average per customer each year building new sources of Green Energy than any other supplier in Britain – in fact, most years we spend more than all the other energy companies put together.

For us, the biggest threat to our rural communities is climate change. That’s why our mission is to change the way energy is made and used in Britain.

As well as making our own green electricity through wind and sun mills, we recently announced plans to make our own green gas from grass in Britain. We unveiled the concept last year – turning grass into green gas using a process called anaerobic digestion. It’s a really exciting prospect – and a genuine alternative to fracking in Britain.

Switching to Ecotricity is easy – and only takes five minutes. Call us on 0800 0302 302.