Rural England Supporter – Cybermoor

Cybermoor (the UK’s first broadband community co-op) was set up in 2003 to develop digital services and tackle issues around digital connectivity.

Our trading activities cover:

  • Managing the Cybermoor community website
  • Assisted Living, Telehealth and Telemedicine services such as
  • Support for social enterprises.
  • Testbed for innovative new web services and devices in rural areas.
  • Developing fibre broadband networks in the North Pennines with our strategic partner, Quickline
  • Supporting other communities in securing better broadband services.

Many rural communities experience poor broadband services and lack the expertise to have the it improved.  Cybermoor has worked with communities in the most sparsely populated parts of the UK, identifying innovative technical solutions and commercial models for broadband.   The team not only advises communities, but has successfully built fibre and wireless rural broadband networks. Using community assets can significantly reduce the cost of delivering a new broadband service to a village and Cybermoor has demonstrated through its work with the government’s market test pilots.  Combining community development, financial and technical expertise, Cybermoor is able to deliver bespoke plans for communities that have been left out of plans by purely commercial operators.

As a social enterprise, we promote social inclusion through ICT, in Alston and other nearby communities.  More information at