Our Market Stall

Do you invest or run a rural business; provide a service for people who live in rural communities; develop policy that shapes the lives of people who live in rural areas. If Yes – Rural England can help you.

We are a social enterprise, run by a Board of Directors who between them have direct experience of over 30 years in research, providing services, supporting rural businesses, delivering affordable housing, and rural policy development and rural proofing.

We provide robust, up-to-date and trusted evidence to help you understand how your decisions and those of others could affect and bring benefits to rural areas.

How do we do this
• By undertake independent research
• By bringing together a network of rural organisations ( the Stakeholders ) so we can:
– identify the most important challenges,
– draw out impacts of the findings for different socio-economic age groups, businesses and policy makers
– make sure that our research reaches decision makers

Want to know more?
If you would like to know more or contribute to our work please contact:

Want to be involved ?
We have set our stall. We ask all who have a rural interest to input.