About the Toolkit

This Toolkit was researched and written by a team that consisted of Brian Wilson and Jane Hart at Rural England CIC, Billy Palmer at the Nuffield Trust and rural researcher Sonja Rewhorn.

It was commissioned and funded by the National Centre for Rural Health & Care and by Rural England CIC .  The National Centre receives its funding from partner organisations and Rural England CIC receives its funding from its supporters (as listed on its website).

The project was fortunate to be advised by an expert Reference Group whose members were:

  • Professor Richard Parish CBE (Chair at the National Centre for Rural Health & Care)
  • Dr John Wynn-Jones (Rural Health & Care Alliance and Rural Forum at the Royal Collage of GPs)
  • Dr Rob Lambourn (Chair of the Rural Forum at the Royal College of GPs)
  • Jane Randall-Smith (Rural Forum at the Royal College of GPs)
  • Stephen Chandler (Corporate Director Adult Services at Oxfordshire County Council)
  • Jonathan Owen (Chief Executive at the National Association of Local Councils)

Many other organisations and individuals assisted the project, including those who responded to a survey about rural health challenges and opportunities and those who supplied information for the case studies.  Glen Garrod, Executive Director of Adult Care and Community Wellbeing at Lincolnshire County Council, deserves special mention for commenting on the Toolkit, when in draft, from a social services perspective.

Last, but not least, an acknowledgement is due to the former Institute of Rural Health which started the ball rolling by producing earlier versions of the Toolkit in 2005 and 2012.